We are a Jesus loving, Bible Based Church

We love Jesus and the bible and are passionate about seeing the unreached come to know him.

We are a member of Australian Christian Churches.

Australian Christian Churches is the largest denomination of Christian Churches in Australia.
Our pastors are ordained and have certified licenses through Australian Christian Churches.
Australian Christian Churches is part of the large Assemblies of God denomination across the world.

We are a Hillsong Network Church.

Our Senior Pastors Rod & Viv Plummer were originally from what is now the Hillsong City Campus and as such we have a close relationship with Hillsong Church.

We are A Partner with the ARC Church Planting Network.

The Association of Related Churches based in the USA has a passion to plant Churches in the USA and across the world.
We are partnering together to plant many more Churches across Japan and Asia!

We are A Partner with the Joyce Meyer Ministries.

Joyce Meyer Ministries is a large supporter of Japan.
We help produce the “Enjoying Everyday Life” TV program which is broadcast every day on national TV and also translate and print many of Joyce Meyer’s Books.
Joyce’s heart is to bless the nation of Japan and so offers these resources for free to many Churches across Japan.